Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tapas Paul Biography

Tapas Paul Wallpaper

Birth date : September 29, 1958.

Birth palce : Chandannagar , India.

Birth Name : Tapas Paul.

Political party : All India Trinamool Congress.

Religion : Hindu.

Age : 55 years.

Height : 1.75 m.

Weight : 75 kg.

Zodiac Sign : Capricorn.

Parents : Ganash Pal.

Spouse(s) : Nandini Paul.

Children/s : Sohini Paul.

Occupation : Actor, politician.   

Famous Films : 8:08 Er Bongaon Local, Shikar, Mayer Anchal, Rin Mukti, Nilimay Neel, Parashmani, Apan Amar Apan, Guru Dakshina, Anurager Chonya, Baidurya Rahosya, Deepar Prem, Chhokher Aloye, Maya Mamata, Surer Bhubaney, more.

Awards : Kalakar Awards.

"Tapas Paul" is a very wonderful personality throughout his film career he played a tremendous role in all fields such as comedian villan hero drama and also in all types of negative and positive roles. He is very honest to his work. Any of his tremendous films when comes in mind all make us happy sad and proud. All his movies makes him a very huge personality. He always did the full disambiguation with all his roles offered to him. He is also very successfull in both his social and his personal life. His name will remains in golden words always in bollywood history.

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